From high energy stomp, to mellow campfire acoustic, Head to the Roots is currently a multi-instrumental solo act, led by American singer-songwriter Anthony Siciliano. Anthony pulls at the roots of folk, blues, and rockabilly music. The fabric of his songwriting is both thought provoking and playful, woven with the themes of life exploration, travel, and love, with undertones of spirituality and human coalescence.

    From the Porch Stage at Rochester’s Corn Hill Arts Festival, to the main stage at Maine’s Band Camp Music & Arts Festival, Anthony has toured New England, and the Northeast, sharing his music in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. In the midst of his musical career, Siciliano has shared the stage with members of Twiddle, and Teagan & the Tweeds.

    Anthony is currently in the process of recording his debut EP, Transitions, which consists of five original tracks with varying degrees of styles, and also equally supplementing his time with live performances.